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Emergency Plumbers, Kennington & Vauxhall & Southwark, se11

Looking For Service You Can Trust? Call On Pro Town A Plumbers

Who We Are

Pro Town A Plumbers are on call twenty four hours to help assess and remedy all of your home repair needs. We are here to provide the help you need quickly and efficiently. We know that a lot of the phrases and terminology that comes natural to us are hard for persons outside of our industry to comprehend, so we take the time necessary to explain what needs to be done and how we will get the job done and an estimated time frame in which to do so.

Saving You Money

Because we shop around for the best market deals, we make sure that we are able to offer you the most competitive and affordable prices on services. We will also itemize the cost of supplies, parts and labor so you understand your bill and will not be hit with unexpected fees.

What We Stand For

You can depend on Pro Town A Plumbers to be available to repair your most pressing repair needs during weekends, late nights and even on holidays. Local to Kennington, Vauxhall, and Southwark, postcode SE11, we will act quickly so as not to let your home be subject to water related damage.

Master Of All Trades

We are not just restricted to plumbing problems. Our experienced staff is cross trained and has logged over thousands of hours of repairing other residential issues. Yes, we can repair overflowing toilets, clear blockages in pipes and completely redo your bathroom fixtures but we are also equipped to address other areas in your home including:

Washing Machines
And other appliances!

Drain, Sewage, Water And Gas Line Repairs

We will also aid you in drain and sewage service, repair and installation of faucets and new sinks, repair of leaks and faulty wiring of water and gas lines. We are also available to assess your current boiler and make repairs or install newer, cost efficient models.

Sewage line repairs can be expensive which is why it is important to get it right the first time. Whenever your sewer line is clogged with debris, or it is overcome by the roots of the trees in your backyard, our experts are able to devise a plan of action that will cause minimal disruption or damage to the existing infrastructure. How do you know when your sewage line has been compromised? The telltale gurgle in your toilet bowl or slow moving drainage systems are clues to a complex underlying problem.

What We Do

No matter the job, Pro A Plumbers are dedicated to providing you with prompt, reliable service at prices that will not break your budget. All of our work is one hundred percent guaranteed and we work hard to remedy to situation correctly, the first time.